Wealth Management

At KDV Wealth Management, we help our clients accumulate, protect and distribute their assets in accordance with their wishes.  We do this by marrying the disciplines of investment management, tax planning, risk management and estate planning.  We are fundamental investors, forward-thinking CPAs and creative risk and estate planners.  Our goal is to be your “first call” for your financial and life questions.  Think of us as your personal Chief Financial Officer.

Financial Planning & Investment StrategiesRisk Management & InsuranceEstate & Trust PlanningFire Relief Association Asset Management

Financial Planning & Investment Strategies

At KDV, we understand how important it is to plan carefully and consider the whole picture when it comes to managing wealth. To that end, we bring together the disciplines of Accounting, Financial Planning and Investment Strategies, Risk Management and Insurance, and Estate Planning to help you review your assets, look for the best outcomes and make decisions that work now and in the long term. If you have investments in many different areas, KDV’s independent retirement advisors and wealth management experts will bring cohesion to your financial outlook.

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Risk Management & Insurance

Managing risk and protecting your assets is a key component to wealth management, but one that’s often overlooked at firms where the sole focus is selling investments. KDV takes a holistic view of your portfolio and helps you safeguard your assets. We can help to establish a comprehensive and custom plan that protects you, your family and even your business, while providing other financial advantages.

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Estate & Trust Planning

You’ve worked hard to build your assets. At KDV, we work closely with you, your attorney, insurance specialists and other advisors to develop and execute a plan that protects those assets and allows you to leave the legacy you desire. Since 1945 we have helped individuals more easily navigate the financial and often times emotional elements of estate and trust planning and administration.

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Fire Relief Association Asset Management

When it comes to managing and investing Fire Relief Association money, KDV Wealth Management has the experience and expertise to provide the appropriate guidance and asset management solutions.

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