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Earl Edeburn

Earl Edeburn, KDV Partner, brings us to his family cabin and discusses what KDV can do for our clients' core business functions.

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At KDV, we provide innovative yet practical solutions for business, financial and technology issues. With our team of seasoned experts supporting your organization, you’ll have the confidence to make the right decisions, move forward and achieve your goals.


At KDV, we provide innovative yet practical solutions that get meaningful results. Our clients come to us with a wide range of business, financial and technology issues, and we help them to save time, save money and work more efficiently.


When you face tough challenges in your organization, the right advice can make all the difference. If you’re looking for sound guidance from business, financial and technology experts, KDV can help.

KDV Highlights

Minneapolis-based KDV Wealth Management Team Expands to Meet Demands
MINNEAPOLIS – October 1, 2014 – Minneapolis-based financial planning firm KDV Wealth Management has recently hired Jeremy Green, CFP, CCTFA, CLU, CEBS, MSFS, AEP, EA as a Senior Financial Advisor...

Focus on Target Date Funds
Target date funds are long-term investments typically offered in retirement plans (although they are also available to investors outside retirement plans). Target date funds include a mix of investments, including equities, bonds, and other investments, designed to reduce overall risk. As a fund gets closer to its target date, the investment mix is changed, becoming more and more risk averse (i.e., more and more conservative).

Careful tax planning critical for RSUs — and other stock-based compensation
If you’re an executive or other key employee, you might be compensated with more than just salary, fringe benefits and bonuses: You might also be awarded stock-based compensation, such as restricted stock or stock options. Another form that’s becoming more common is restricted stock units (RSUs).

Sharing Information Effectively: The Heart of SharePoint
Every business wants to take full advantage of the resources it already has—its people, its data, and its technologies. Microsoft SharePoint solves common workplace challenges and brings you new ways to work together.

Grandchild in college this fall? Paying tuition could save gift and estate taxes
Now’s the time of year when many young adults are about to head back to college — or to enter their first year of higher education. If you have a grandchild who’ll be in college this fall and you’re concerned about gift and estate taxes, you may want to consider paying some of his or her tuition.


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